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                 Seattle Banjo Newsletter   12 August 2022


Banjo Music As We Celebrate “Summer Heat Invites the Freshness of Fall”!



Summer is winding down and the last couple of weeks call for a banjo tune or two.  The gasping last couple of Summer weeks is a great time to be playing your banjo.  What song do you know have rolling around in your head?  Remember many of our instruments had fought the Good Fight to get out of their case, off the shelf and back into someone’s hands to make music.   Is your banjo locked down?  For Banjo Sake get it out of jail.


With everything going on in the World, let us keep on playing because “music is therapy”.  Since June we  have been back to Renton Senior Center twice.  And just this early August the banjos were joined by a soprano sax to create a tremendous blend of music.  And a special solo “Kenny G” number even brought the cook out of the kitchen.  We are so appreciative for the City of Renton inviting us back.  June 21st was the International Make Music Day.  Over 40 years ago folks in Paris, France came out of their homes and played music on the street corners.  This year in 1,000 cities around the world there will be Make Music.  Seattle Banjo and Friends did have a plectrum player with one of the groups.  They even came back for a second round. will play Make Music Federal Way late afternoon and evening in the Park.

With so many songs to be played, the infamous musician, Willie Nelson wrote the hit, “Crazy” and we have had fun working thorugh this tune on ukulele and banjo’.   And back to Kermit the Frog there is always “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.  This frog does remind us to take our time as we increase confidence with a tune, i.e. don’t get swamped. 


Our next task is to get out some Fall music with the Christmas Holiday tunes to quickly follow.  And for the purpose of promoting the “Banjo Preservation” movement, do mention banjo or even ukulele to some of the younger folks who might be interested in picking up an instrument.  Teachers are needed.  And if you have an extra banjo, do you have anyone who might want to give it a try?  We can help with materials for beginner lessons. 

Stay tuned (Pun intended) for 2023!

   Banjo  Music is Therapy!  Tune up, Tune in! Pick away.

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