News Letter

                 Seattle Banjo Newsletter   20 December 2020

Merry Christmas, or Happy Kwanzaa, and also trusting Hanukkah was a happy celebration too! We have so much to “sing” about even in this year of 2020 and all the situations. Thus, we are picking, singing, writing a song, and sharing other musical aspects of this Season!


Several of us started to write a song about this pandemic, and as it turns out we still have plenty of time to keep working on the words and tune. It starts out, “They told us to home-stay, yet didn’t tell us the way...” An the ending was “get a grip, play a song and we trust everything gets along”. And for all musicians and enthusiasts playing an instrument, that is our “Christmas Wish”. This “Real Deal” encourages each of us to stay safe, Stay Home and Strike up the band.


So, what’s playing your way? Reach out to someone you used to “jam” with and see how their tunes are doing. Zoom, although not ideally suited to he musical world, has been a tremendous way to get together. The King County Library System has supported ukulele play along lessons through Zoom. Cynthia Sayer of New York just had a Zoom Concert with over 80 of us in attendance. And while on mute, we could even play along with her on several tunes. Then late in the Fall there was the “Global International Banjo Festival with artists from around the globe.


Several friends of the Seattle Banjo Club have gotten (socially distance accepted) together to use technology for “Making Music”. Anyone with a cell phone can do this as you play/record yourself either just audio or video with sound. Oh, yes it is a bit “scary” to hear and see yourself, yet then one can immediately come back and have a jam session “all by one’s self”.


And twice a year (Summer Solstice and then Winter Solstice) folks come out on their front porch or to the street corner and play a tune or two. This idea of “Make Music" started in Paris over 30 years ago and is catching on in many communities. Search Facebook for “Seattle Banjo and Friends”, or even “Make Music Federal Way”.  And there was some extemporaneous music tunes that cropped up around our town on 21 December, 2020.  Stay tuned (Pun intended) for June 21st 2021!

   Banjo  Music is Therapy!  Tune up, Tune in! Pick away.