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Music, Music Music!
Banjos and other instruments have returned this past Summer of 2023 to the Renton Sr Center.  Seattle Banjos and Friends always enjoy filling the lunch hour, 11am to 12:15pm on the third Tuesday of the Month. We are working on a number of the old favorite, "Riverland" and New Orleans Jazz tunes.  And then adding some Beatles to Willie Nelson along with other foot-stomping music gets a few folks up dancing. It is fun to shake it up a bit!
Along with a banjo or three it has been a mandolin, several ukuleles, an occasional guitar and base guitar, and even a trombone all supported by the piano.  This does have the musical joy filling the room.

Banjo is a true American Instrument, and the 4 string plectrum and tenor banjos were in the Orchestra Pits of major orchestras around the country from 1900 until 1930's.  And pizza parlors kept the players well fed and the music alive.  And the 5 string banjo has tremendous following.  We aim to keep Banjo Alive. 


We are "playing around" at home and in very small groups.  It is wonderful to hear some folks singing, and others even dancing as the banjo plays on!  Oh, we are delighted to hear the laughs and folks singing along. 




For most of 2023 into 2024 we will be working on the Seattle Banjo & Friends favorite tunes.     

If you are looking for some information on how you might become more involved in music during these crazy times, Seattle Banjos & Friends are here to offer suggestins and point you in the musical direction!



Whether the preferred step is the  "Charleston" dance or even a Hula Dance with ukulele background , feel free to get out of your seat and DANCE!






   Banjo  Music is Therapy!  Tune up, Tune in! Pick away.

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